Sales Tools for Maxta Partners

The tools you need to sell Maxta Hyperconvergence Software and Pre-Configured Systems effectively.

What You’ll Find on the Sell Page

Here, you’ll be able to register a deal, get access to pricing information, and request co-marketing support. You can also find sales materials such as presentations and cheat sheets, competitive comparisons, and campaigns-in-a-box. You can also find our program guide, see current promotions and connect with distributors that offer pre-configured server solutions.

Registering a Deal

Protect your investment in Maxta by registering your qualifying opportunities

If you are working with an active opportunity, we encourage you to register the deal with Maxta. That lets you protect your investment and increase your margin on the sale.

Deal registration is valid for 120 days from the time the registration is approved by Maxta. To register a deal, simply fill out and submit the deal registration form.

Pricing for Maxta Hyperconverged (Un)Appliances

Pre-configured systems from major server vendors with Maxta

Maxta works with all major server vendors, including Cisco, Dell-EMC, HP Enterprise, Huawei, Intel, Lenovo, Quanta, Supermicro, and more. Your customers can choose from pre-configured, pre-validated solutions with Maxta’s software pre-installed. Our partnership with Arrow makes it easy get pricing information on pre-configured systems.

Sales Tools

Presentations, play cards, and other partner-only resources

These resources are available only to Maxta partners via the Partner Portal.

Maxta Co-Marketing

We offer qualified partners co-marketing opportunities, including field events and joint sales campaigns

Qualified partners can request co-marketing support from Maxta, such as participating in a Maxta lunch & learn or dinner event, a joint telesales campaign or joint email outreach. In order to qualify, partners must have an established sales team in a specific geography, and be able to run their own marketing campaigns. Partners are also expected to drive attendance to any co-marketed events or webinars. All co-marketing support is approved on a case-by-case basis by the Maxta Marketing staff.