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Need pricing for Maxta software or looking to quote a pre-configured system? Read on.

Request Pricing for Maxta Hyperconvergence Software

Fill out the form below to request a quote for Maxta software. Provide as much detail as you can about the total number of nodes, applications the customer expects to run, and current solutions they will replace with Maxta. Also indicate whether you are looking for Maxta software only, or a pre-configured system from one of our server vendor partners.

  • Number of total nodes expected.
  • Which server vendor's hardware will be used for the deployment?
  • Please select "New Pre-Configured Systems" if you are interested in quoting pre-configured servers with Maxta pre-installed from Dell, Intel, Lenovo or Supermicro.
  • Indicate top 2 to 3 primary workloads (VDI, databases, file/print, email, etc).
  • Describe the basic solution and any other relevant components.

For quote requests, please indicate:

  • The total number of nodes
  • If the deployment is on new or existing hardware
  • If you are interested in pre-configured systems
  • If the deal is registered

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